Here’s how to get real,
super-food goodness into your
life easily – and deliciously

We create healthy recipes for the week

Breathe in the fresh, green smell. Check out our luscious recipes and get inspired. We change with the seasons, so you could have Tom’s heritage autumn apples nestled in your box, or Sally’s organic spring greens – she swears they keep her young and energetic. We also make sure the proportions are right for our recipes.


We deliver to your door

Pop your gorgeous goodies in the blender and blitz. You’re well on your way to smoothie heaven – and those five recommended servings of fruit and vegetables a day. And all quite deliciously. Even the smallest, fussiest eater will want more.

Blend and enjoy healthy smoothies in less than 5 minutes

You blend and enjoy in less than 5 minutes

Our smoothies are super-foods. Here’s what they’ll do for you: put a bounce in your step, pep up your brain and make you sparkle and glow. Smoothies are the easiest, yummiest way to get nutrition into your body – including the essential vitamins and minerals we often lack. Feel the benefits of sparkling energy, less sickness and even a slimmer you.

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Super-food goodness in real life

We know you’re busy, but New Zealand bursts with natural goodness. We just knew there had to be a way to get this organic lushness into your life. Smoothies do it easily – and deliciously. The benefits are huge

Expect to…

Share the breakfast joy

10 smoothies-worth of goodies in every box

Taste deliciousness every time

We try out all our recipes first

Feel great

Our smoothies are super-nutritious.
We know because we asked the experts

Not be bored

With new recipes every week you’ll get lots of variety

Blend easy

The right proportions, plus blending tips,
will make for smooth mornings

Feel like an eco-warrior

No waste with our fresh, seasonal
local produce. You’ll eat it all

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With no shopping around for ingredients,
life is less busy and more fun