Is Blend it Raw a good choice for your smoothie needs?

Is Blend it Raw Good Choice for your Smoothie Needs?

Are you curious as to whether Blend it Raw can deliver a smoothie that suits your needs and lifestyle? Below is a review of Blend it Raw and their smoothie delivery service for you to learn more about the Healthy Smoothie Kits.

What to Expect:

When you are subscribed to Blend it Raw you will be delivered a box which contains smoothie ingredients and recipes. The smoothie kit contains all the proper ingredients that are needed to make some of the top smoothie recipes of that particular week. With 3 different recipes you blend two recipes twice and one once, each recipe, making 2 servings a total of 10 smoothies! 

Choose from one of the easy to follow recipes, add rinsed and chopped produce which corresponds with that recipe, then add the booster pack which contains all sorts of superfoods. Lastly, you’ll want to add ice and an additional liquid. This liquid could be anything you want such as coconut water, coconut milk, nut milk, or regular milk. Often liquids are in the box as well!

I think this is the best thing I did by joining blenditraw for both myself and partner. We are enjoying the great benefits and feeling better about what we are putting into our bodies. I look forward to receiving my new pack every week, I also tell friends and family some of whom want to try blenditraw but haven’t yet taken that step forward so I keep talking about the positive benefits and effects and hope they do try this as a healthier option. I don’t have anything sugary, fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes etc I notice myself decline these products when offered I feel good later too – Elaine

The Blend it Raw Kits

The smoothie recipes contained in the Blend it Raw kits are always different because they are chosen based on what vegetables and fruits are available in the current season. During the summertime and springtime, your smoothie kit will contain ingredients such as stone fruits, avocados, and berries. Then, as it gets to be toward the fall and wintertime, the ingredients will change to other fruits like feijoas and nashi pears.

The Dry ingredients of these smoothie kits are all organic and will provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals to give you the nutritional balance and boost of energy that your body needs. Some of the most energy producing ingredients in these kits are the goji berries and maca powder. You’ll also find protein sources that come from plants such as seeds and nuts. As for antioxidants, your free radicals will be wiped away with ingredients like cacao and acai in your smoothies.

What You Need to Have

Aside from the smoothie kit, you will need to have a knife, cutting board, and a modern blender. Recommend a blender that has at least a 900ml cup.

Who it’s for

If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast for yourself after you wake up in the morning, the Blend it Raw smoothie kit is just what you need because it will get you eating healthy very quickly and conveniently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family person, in a relationship or totally single because anyone who wants to be healthy will benefit from this.

Parents, in particular, will find that these smoothie kits are an easy way of maintaining the health of their children. You can even get your children to participate in preparing the smoothies by showing them the recipes and getting them to locate which ingredients go with what recipe. As for those who have unhealthy partners, sharing these healthy recipes with them is a sure way of getting their health back on track.

Love that all the planning is done.

On the doorstep Wednesday morning in time for breakfast.

New mixes to try. – Linda

Taste of the Smoothies

Since each smoothie kit contains a different recipe with some different ingredients, you can expect the taste of the smoothie to change each week. This will give you something exciting and fun to look forward to when you go to try your recipe for the first time. Some of the types of smoothies include cacao smoothies, green smoothies, tropical smoothies, and berry smoothies. As you can see, there is something for everybody with these kits. And, again, all the ingredients are fresh and nutritious so you are getting 100% unrefined ingredients here.


Blend it Raw delivers their smoothie kits on Wednesday of each week. Shipping is free of charge to most locations throughout the country. If you’re located in a rural area, send a message to our the team and they will give you a selection of shipping options to choose from. If Wednesday happens to fall on a public holiday, the smoothie kit will arrive on either Thursday or Friday of that week. Information about delivery dates on the week of a public holiday can be found in the FAQ section of Blend it Raws website.

Placing an Order

Orders should be placed before 11:59 AM on Monday if you want your smoothie kit to arrive on Wednesday. If you were too late in placing your order and you need the smoothie kit quickly, send a message to customer support and special arrangements may be able to be worked out. If you wish to cancel your subscription, just log in to your account on the Blend it Raws website and choose the cancellation option or you can place orders on hold while you are away.


Send a message to Blend it Raw if you want to send the smoothie kits as a gift to someone else. You can choose to purchase just a onetime gift for someone or you can pay for their weekly subscription service.


You won’t have to go to the supermarket and purchase ingredients for the smoothie yourself. Just take the ingredients out of the kit and prepare them in the blender. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to make a smoothie. There will be 3 unique recipes sent to you each week. This will keep your breakfast smoothies very new and exciting. As a bonus, each recipe will contain information on the health benefits of the smoothie so you can get a better knowledge of the ingredients’ and nutritional information in the smoothie.

Loving this service! my box arrived chilled and full of healthy exciting benefits, so far I’m enjoying the variety and being able to choose what type of smoothly to have in the morning…..feeling great – Katrina


Blend it Raw does not ship internationally. Soon, this may change so keep checking the website for updates.


The cost of one smoothie kit is $54.99. This includes 3 smoothie recipes and all of the ingredients that go with them. You will have enough ingredients to make 10 smoothies each week. ($5.49 per smoothie)

In conclusion, anyone who wants to make smoothies at home without having to run out and buy the ingredients will want to order a Blend it Raw Smoothie kit. You will have your kits delivered to you at your front door and then you can easily maintain your health with super smoothies.

Blend it Raw Kits are fun, easy and a healthy way to start your day.

All measured, bagged, fresh and with a menu and guidance how to do it all delivered to your door. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Loved the Chocolate peanut smoothie and looking forward to trying many more! Many thanks Blend it Raw – Lianna

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