The best ways to store smoothie ingredients

The Best Ways to Store Smoothie Ingredients

There are 3 smoothie recipes in each Blend it Raw smoothie kit that gets delivered to your door. In addition, the kit also has organic ingredients and produce which are different each week. But to ensure that these organic ingredients and produce stay fresh so that the flavour can be saved, you need to learn some helpful storage tips which are discussed below.

Storing Stone Fruit

Stone fruits are fruits like peaches, nectarines, plums, and apricots. You’ll find these fruits in many of the Blend it Raw smoothie kits that come during the months of the summer season. That is why you need to know how to store stone fruits so that they stay fresh and juicy when you blend them into a smoothie. You could either store the stone fruit into a fruit bowl or in the refrigerator. Here is how you can tell which is better for storing.

Gently press your thumb on the skin of the stone fruit. If it is soft, then you should store the fruit in the refrigerator. It will be very juicy too when you go to cut the stone fruit so try not to lose too much juice prior to placing the pieces into the blender.

If the stone fruit feels tough and firm, you should place the fruit in a bowl and leave it out at room temperature. Once it ripens, place it in the refrigerator and use it for your smoothies when you’re ready.

To speed up the ripening, put the stone fruit into a brown paper bag and then seal the bag. The natural gases of the fruit will get trapped and cause it to ripen faster.

Stone fruit

Stone fruit

Storing Bananas

Bananas are a great healthy ingredient for any smoothie. If you can store the bananas properly before using them, the taste of your smoothie will turn out great. You’ll want to use a banana that is very ripe because that produces the creamiest and sweetest taste. To get your bananas in this ripe condition, just leave them in a room temperature environment. Wait until the bananas have turned bright yellow because this will indicate that they are very ripe. You don’t want to ripen them any further, though. Instead, you will need to put the ripe bananas in the refrigerator so that they will ripen a lot slower. You may still see the outside of the banana turning black or discoloured but the actual banana inside the peel will be saved.

When you have green bananas that are not ripening fast enough, you can speed up the ripening process by placing the bananas in a brown paper bag along with a tomato or an apple. Leave the bag out at room temperature overnight and in the morning, the banana should be more yellow and ripe.

To make your smoothie very thick, cut up your bananas into smaller pieces and then place them into a container that is airtight. Place the container in your refrigerator. Small banana pieces will also be easier to blend as well.

banana smoothie

banana smoothie

Storing Mangos

To store your mangos properly so that they become sweet and ripe for a good smoothie, you’ll need to conduct a test to determine what the best storage method will be for it. What you will do is gently press your thumb against the mango’s skin. If the skin feels soft and pushes in a little bit, then the mango is ripe. If the skin is hard, then it is not ripe. The ripe mangos can be stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to blend them for a smoothie. If the mangos are not ripe, you can add them to a brown paper bag alongside a banana or apple. Seal the bag so that the ethylene gases from the apple or banana will get trapped inside with the mango. Store the bag somewhere at room temperature for 1-2 days. This will speed up the ripening process of the mango.

If you only need a portion of the mango, just chop up the full mango and place half of the pieces into a container that is airtight. Put the container in the refrigerator for later use. Before you place the other pieces of the mango into the blender, slice off the mango’s cheeks and remove the flesh with a big spoon.

Storing Superfood Bags

A superfood bag is included with every Blend it Raw smoothie recipe. The bag contains a mixture of various superfoods such as powders, seeds, nuts, dates, goji berries, and other dried fruits. You can place superfood bags right into your pantry after you receive them.



Storing Pears

The ripening process of pears is different than most other fruits. Instead of ripening on the outside first, the inside of the pears is what ripens first. The only way to tell if the pear is ripe is to place your thumb on the stem and apply a small amount of pressure to it. If the stem is soft and pushes inward, then the pear is ripe. This means you can place the pear in the refrigerator and use it for your smoothie when you’re ready. However, if the stem is firm when you apply pressure to it, that means the pear is not ripe. So, just let the pear sit out at room temperature until it becomes ripe.

To make the pear ripen a lot faster, put it in a brown paper bag along with an avocado or banana. The ethylene gas from the fruits will get trapped in the bag and cause them to ripen faster. You can also just keep the pear in the bag by itself because pears produce this gas too.

Storing Grapes and Berries

The Blend it Raw smoothie kit has fresh grapes and berries in them which can be placed right into the refrigerator. Make sure you keep the fruit in its packaging so that they will stay fresh until you’re ready to make a smoothie out of them.



Storing Apples, Mandarins, and Oranges

Once mandarins and oranges are picked from the tree, they will not ripen any more after that. But they can still go bad quickly so you will want to place them in the refrigerator as soon as possible to keep them fresh.

The Blend it Raw smoothie kit contains apples that can also go straight into the refrigerator to preserve their freshness and life.

Storing Leafy Greens

Each Blend it Raw smoothie kit contains green smoothie recipes which use leafy green ingredients such as kale or spinach.

Once you get your smoothie kit, place the leafy green ingredients into the refrigerator right away. It is best to start blending these ingredients and make your green smoothies as early as possible. Then just keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to consume them.



Storing Avocados

Avocados that just turned ripe are great for making smoothies with right away. These fruits are filled with fibre and fats that are healthy for the heart. In addition, the plant ingredients of the smoothie will help your body absorb the nutrients from the avocados a lot more.

To determine the ripeness of the avocado, press the palm of your hand against the avocado. If it feels soft, then it is ripe. This means you should blend it immediately and make your smoothie drink. Then you can just store the smoothie in the refrigerator if you want to consume it at a later date. If you wish, you can just put the ripe avocado in the refrigerator before blending as well.

Avocados that feel firm are not ripened. To help them get ripe quicker, place the avocados in a brown paper bag along with a banana or apple. Seal the bag and let the ethylene gases get trapped in it so that the fruit becomes ripe. You should let the bag sit in a location at room temperature for a couple of days. Then it should become ripe enough for a smoothie.

If you want just a portion of the avocado, store the unused half in an air-tight container and then place it in the refrigerator. You should not take out the seeds of the avocado either because leaving them will reduce the amount of surface area that is exposed.

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