3 Ways to Start Living Healthy Today

Blend It Raw is all about transforming the lives of New Zealanders so they can feel good, live healthy and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent.

But drinking our delicious smoothies packed full of all natural, raw fruits and vegetables is only part of the solution – though it is the easiest part!

Some of the other parts of healthy living are a more difficult, but can be made easy with a few of smart strategies to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Here are our 3 top ways that you can start living healthy today without giving yourself a headache:

1.) Stop and smell the roses

Okay you don’t ACTUALLY have to stop and smell the roses, but finding a reason to go out and get some fresh air on a daily basis is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Pink Roses in the Morning

Go out and get some fresh air.

Not only will you get some extra vitamin D from the sun (make sure to use sun block if it’s particularly sunny out), you’ll also get a little exercise in!

Now wait – I’m not saying that every day at lunch you have to go out and run a 5k. Simply taking a stroll through the park after lunch or riding a bike in the evening can really help your body burn some extra calories, improve your mood and increase your metabolism giving you more energy!

So, make sure to get a little sun and some fresh air every day!

2.) Think in colors and keep it simple!

Starting out you’re not going to become the world’s premier chef in a day, so make sure to keep any meal plans simple. Great first step: Actually plan out your meals!

Appetizer Close-up Cucumber Cuisine

Salad: Make sure there are a lot of colors!

Salads are a great way to simplify the entire food preparation process without breaking the bank or spending too much time. And a great way to make sure your salads are rich and diverse is very simple: make sure there are a lot of colors! Seems simple, but the different colored vegetables typically contain different nutrients.

So next time you’re cutting up some vegetables, make sure to include the entire spectrum of colors!

3.) MAKE. A. LIST.

This rule actually has two parts. The first is simple: Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll buy way too much and all of the wrong things.

Fruits Grocery Bananas Market

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.

The second is this: make a list and stick to it. When you just finished breakfast and are sitting down, you write a very different grocery shopping list than the one that you write in your head as you’re walking through the store!

Why? Simple – grocery stores are made to make you impulsively buy. Don’t let them dictate what you eat.

With a solid list handy you can make sure what comes through your door when you come back is healthy.

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