3 Ways to Get Great Skin with Your Greens

What do you currently do to help reduce your fine lines and wrinkles?

Chances are your using eye creams and masks which are most likely full of chemicals that in large doses will have side effects that will shock you.

Having worked in the heath industry and alongside top beauty therapists around the world, now great friends, they are passionate about teaching me what ingredients are in skin products, what ingredients to look for, what ingredients to be aware of,  brands to recommend and why. It’s very interesting learning about the chemicals that are used.

Now it’s great to externally apply known natural remedies especially foods with rich green colours.

Woman Beauty Mask

It’s great to externally apply known natural remedies especially foods with rich green colours.

I’m going to cover 3 points that are easily digestible 🙂 and that you can start thinking about and implementing in your lifestyle today.

Starting from the inside out.

1. Your mind

Starts with stress, stress causes skin issues to flare up. Stress releases cortisol, which can throw off the other hormones in your body and cause all sorts of problems internally and then externally.

What is your main stress in life? How can you positively reduce this? Only think of ONE.

2. Your fuel

More greens generally we don’t get enough greens in our diet, a large majority start the day with refined grains that have the nutrition stripped from them, then added back in afterwards. Seems a bit backwards.

Green smoothies are a great nutrient rich way to start your day and the Blend Box from Blend it Raw always comes with green smoothies. Avocados are great, apart from eating these beauties you can apply externally create your own face mask. Crush some mint, add a small about of honey and mix avocado, apply!

3. Your engine

Move more the stats are out there that becoming more active can dramatically change your life. Can reduce your chances of many diseases and the biggest known killers. Which are on the rise for a number of reasons and activity being one of the reasons, start with 5 minutes a day go for a dedicated walk or activity you enjoy. The key is regular.

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